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Your Step by Step guide to Canada PR

There is a sudden drive among the Indians to seek a visa for permanent residency in Canada. The reasons are many but the prominent ones are better living standards and job opportunities.

We as Canada immigration consultants in Delhi will be more than happy to assist you in all the procedures for the visa application.


Why will you apply for a PR status in Canada

Canada PR status allows you to apply for Canadian citizenship for all the social benefits just a regular citizen of Canada enjoys. They will be protected by the law of the country as well as the Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


What you should know about PR application

Here’s the step-wise guidance for applying for the PR visa which goes as:

Step 1: Test to check language proficiency

Take language ability tests of IELTs or another similar test to meet primary requirements for Express entry


Step 2: Create a profile on Express Entry

Create an online profile on IRCC website.

Step 3: Complete ECA

ECA is required for completing education outside of Canada as this will provide 150 points additionally for CRS score.


Step 4: Wait for the Invitation

On meeting all the requirements and submitting the documents wait to check the score of your profile, if it ranks higher you will be invited for application.


Step 5: Provide the documents for the review

You need to submit all the required documents within the next 60 days to e reviewed by immigration officers.


Step 6: Receiving the confirmation, apply for the PR card

In the last step of the immigration process, apply for PR card as you are permitted for travelling to Canada.


With the Canada PR visa, you will be able to live free, study and work in any province of Canada. Apart from that, you will enjoy all the benefits given by the Canadian government to its citizens.

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