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What You Need to Know before Immigration from India to Canada

Every year many immigrants are applying to move to Canada. Similarly, amongst Indians, this country has risen as a favourite destination as this country delivers a strong economic and employment stability.

When someone is considering immigrating to that country, there are various options to apply for that. One of them is express entry system, which is mainly made to boost the Canadian economy. Like others for Express Entry Canada from India, one needs to obtain 67 marks out of 100.

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If you are also thinking for immigrating to Canada, it is must for you to have a clear picture regarding the immigration policies. And for that, there are best Immigration Consultants to give you better guidance.


Information before Immigration

To get a better heads-up about the information regarding immigration, an immigration consultant plays an important role in that. The Canadian government has formed a regulatory body for Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council to deliver transparency and fairness. Thus the Registered Immigration Consultants are the best person to reach out to.


From them, you can get the best information and updates regarding the following-

Family Immigration to Canada

There are some general procedures involved if you want to migrate to Canada. You any of your relatives are settled there as Canadian Citizen, you’ll be eligible for the Canadian Sponsorship Program.


Your relative has to express interest of being a sponsor and apply for that before the deadline. After reviewing, if he qualifies as a sponsor, then only your eligibility for permanent residence will go for the assessment.

Other Immigration Opportunities

Even if you don’t have any relatives, there are other options for migrating. The Registered Immigration Consultants will suggest you go for creating Express Entry Profile.


This system covers the Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Trade Program and the Canadian Experience Class. The main intention of the system is to find the skilled and experienced immigrant who can contribute to the Canadian Economy.

Express Entry Profile

For the Express Entry Canada from India, you must open a profile. But before that, a language test is very important for any immigration applicant. And to prove your proficiency, it is better to note down that English and French are two official languages there.


Once you admit yourself to the Express Entry Pool, Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC) will send a request to apply for permanent residency. They only issue those cases who can meet a certain standard in CSR score. People can improve their CRS score by relevant job experience or valid job offer or achieving educational credentials. One can also improve their CSI score through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

What Can Delay Application

Apart from having a system of generous immigration policies, the IRCC may delay or reject one’s application on several grounds. You have to go through a medical exam for approval. If any case occurs the medical condition of any applicant put a strain on their medical system, the application will be rejected.


Again if a person holds any criminal record, IRCC will reject the application. Even if the criminal offences that occurred years ago, they won’t consider the matter.

Incomplete application form or improper documentation may cause delay or rejection. Apart from that, not getting sufficient scores in CRS ranking means you won’t receive any proposal for applying for permanent residence.



Therefore, it suggests contacting the best Registered Immigration Consultants for better information, updates and suggestions. 

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