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What are the factors affecting the CRS Score?

To migrate to Canada via express entry Canada from India, it is very important to have a really good CRS Score. CRS Score is dependent on a whole lot of factors such as your language efficiency, your age, work experience, skill set, etc. Moreover, if you do not have a good enough CRS Score, it might become very difficult for you to migrate to Canada. However, you can always consult immigration consultants in Delhi who will help you with ways that can increase your CRS score and ultimately, help you to migrate to Canada without any difficulty. Below mentioned are a few of the major factors which can help you improve your CRS Score.

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· Language: The first official language of Canada is English. If you can clear the IELTS exam with pretty good marks, you shall be applicable to attain a maximum of 160 points under the CRS system. It would really be helpful if you could secure the maximum possible marks. Additionally, French is the second official language of Canada and if you have efficiency in French language or can learn same and clear an exam, you can score an addition of 30 points to help you in express entry Canada from India which can give you an upper edge over thousands of other applicants in the language category.

· Work Experience: Work experience plays an important role in your immigration application. More the work experience you have, the better points you can achieve under this category. You can avail of the maximum possible points under this category if you have at least 12 years of professional experience in your field. However, even if you have a year of professional experience, that would also be helpful to boost up your CRS Score.


· Educational Qualifications: Your educational qualification can turn around literally anything. Better qualifications you have, better points you shall bag in under the skills transferability category. However, if you are seeking further studies in one of the public institutes of Canada, it can really help you out in increasing your CRS Score, alongside increasing the chances of your immigration to get improved to a great extent. You can take the help of immigration consultants in Delhi to help you out regarding the admission process of the best of the universities in Canada and thereafter, help you apply for immigration and Canadian PR.

· Employment: If you can bag in employment under one of the authorized Canadian employers, if shall become really easy for you to get your immigration application approved under the express entry Canada from India alongside increasing your CRS score. Moreover, securing a job beforehand can make your life much easier once you move to Canada. You can seek help from immigration consultants to help you find a legit employer in Canada.


Above mentioned are just a few major factors that can affect your CRS Score. TO get more detailed information it is always recommended to connect with an ICCRC regulated Canada immigration consultant to guide you regarding the immigration process to Canada. ICCRC regulated consultants are bound to work within the immigration laws of Canada and work in direct contact with authorities from Canada. To find one of the best immigration consultants to help you out in immigrating to Canada, you can check the list of the same from the official portal of ICCRC.

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