Understanding the Canadian Immigration Score System!

We often get confused about the point system which is being followed in the immigration process. But some who are all set to settle in Canada and are awaiting h for Canada PR i.e. Permanent Residency would be having a very clear picture of what the point system is all about.

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If someone asks you or talks about Canadian immigration points and then make in your mind clear that they are talking about the CRS points, as the express entry selects the applicants on the basis these points. In this way, they try to select the most competitive workers to immigrate to Canada.

Canadian Immigration Points

There are mainly three programs that are aligned with the express entry. They are -:


· Federal Skilled workers

· Federal Skilled Trades

· Canadian Experience Class

In each of these programs, the applicants who apply for any of these programs they are given certain points on the basis of language proficiency, age, education and work experience. These points are known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).


Therefore when someone says Canadian immigration points don’t get confused because they are generally referring to your CRS score.

Federal Skilled Workers-: also known as FSW. It uses a different scoring system. Apart from express entry total scoring, one needs to score certain points in this as well so that they can move to the next step. So at times, Canadian immigration Points might also refer to FSW score.


Before you get more confused let’s have a quick look at what this score is all about.

Before your CRS score is being calculated, one needs to meet the minimum eligibility criteria for FSW. In accordance with the same candidate is given scores and do remember it is completely different from the Comprehensive Ranking System.


There are a total of 100 points and one need to score at least 67 points to make oneself eligible to submit Express Entry application. Moreover, this score take into account the age, education, language proficiency, work experience and connection to Canada. While it may sound that both the FSW and CRS scores are the same but they hold a different place in the Express entry application process.

If you score 67 points immigration Canada then definitely you will be ahead in the race of securing your place in the Express Entry as it open the door for the Express Entry pool.


Federal Skilled Trades & Canadian Experienced Class -:

For these two programs, there is no separate scoring system which is done. In fact, you only need to clear the minimum eligibility criteria and you would be ready to take a step forward towards the Express Entry Pool.


Hereafter, it would be very much clear what all this point system is and how it works and where it is applied. If still, you have any query or still confused you can contact the consultants where you will find experts who will advise you in every way possible. They would even suggest the ways in which you can apply for the Canada PR. As once reached Canada all you think of is to get a permanent residency benefit. So hurry and make sure that your application is crosschecked and all your documents are ready so that there is no hurdle in between your dreams.

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