Things to Know about the British Columbia PNP Entrepreneur Immigration

Nowadays many enthusiasts migrate to Canada for expanding their business inside that country. Through this method, one can actively join in the social and financial development purpose of this place. An applicant can ask the best immigration consultants in Delhi before making the first attempt to turn the dream into reality.

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Promoting a business is not only help you economically but also help countless employees to get a job. Therefore, in this operation one can boost the level of confidence as well as self-satisfaction. However, you need to go through these factors before initiating this particular program.

Registration Process

In the first step, an applicant needs to place a profile through online registration. Afterwards, the regulating body will distribute ITAs among the highest-scoring immigrants to complete their selection. One can take guidance from the best immigration consultants in Delhi before creating a profile.


Evaluation of your profile is dependent on various aspects including personal details and occupational experience. After receiving all applications, the process of screening takes at most six weeks approximately. Besides, you will receive your invitation after four months of your submission.

Notably, anyone can apply for several options available in this program depending on requirements. Also, you may check here distinct categories of EI available to choose proper prospect for yourself.


EI-Base Category

Most of the experienced entrepreneurs of various regions across the globe generally prefer this program. Individuals who intend to promote a new start-up through British Columbia PNP can participate in this EI. Otherwise, one can take over an existing business to expand it more in the province of BC.


First, an interested candidate must have to submit a proposal for developing a business to the authority. Afterwards, someone needs to wait until obtaining permission to move forward for achieving the ultimate goal. In fact, when you are planning to own an already established business then you also need to submit proper documents.

EI-Regional Pilot

For sustainable economic growth, the British Columbia PNP regional pilot program is performing an active responsibility. Especially, this operation is aiming to develop a regional economy of smaller areas that produces an overall impact on this province. Just like small efforts can make a huge influence on a humongous system this process also works in that way.


Establishing a new trade among several regional communities perform to back the entire country’s economy. So, the government is concentrating on giving chances to skilful traders to enhance employment prospects. Therefore, skilled workers also getting career options in BC to assist merchants during the promotion of the trade.

Strategic Project

The governing body of the British Columbia PNP program permits numerous strategic projects that involve in EI. Foreigners who are identifying investment opportunities in BC can simply apply for this category of operation. This specific facility is mainly intended to grow the core business sector present in this particular place.


However, one registrant needs to match with the provincial nominee program’s basic criteria perfectly. Afterwards, an individual will able to move further to fulfil the dream of investing in some growth prospects. Particularly, a businessperson needs to identify the segments of the industry that brings a possibility to promote particular commerce.

This particular article is possibly the best short description regarding this exciting nomination program. Therefore, when an applicant has the interest to move in BC he can study this guideline to gain essential info. Afterwards, you can easily produce a suitable plan of action to execute this procedure smoothly.

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