The negative side of hiring a Canada PR consultant for immigration

There are good and bad sides to every act, and in the matter of the immigration, too, this is visible. To be specific, there are loads of reasons why hiring a Canada PR consultant is helpful. After all, they know the subject well and provide direct and oftentimes accurate assistance in the process.

Not to mention, if you do not have a lot of time in your hands, these consultants help you throughout the process. They explain anything you have a doubt about and even help you fix issues in your application. However, there are some cases where bad actions outweigh the good, and these following situations are the most common types.

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As a Canada PR Consultant, there are many available avenues through which people earn money. The better the officer is, the more they earn from their clients and consultancies. However, that can cause a strain in your financial conditions as these officials charge a high amount.


Because of the various duties that they have to undertake, the rate for their service is high, and many cannot afford it. Not to mention, some voluntarily charge more for their service, which is not honest. After all, the basic consulting questions fall under the jurisdiction of the board and is a free service.

Exaggerated promises

Indeed, you may come across some individuals who say that they can help you get a job in Canada. This is important in the matter of Express Entry as the CRS Points Calculator considers your job possibility too. Truly, without having an assured job opportunity in Canada, many applications face rejection.


In such a case, a consultant can say that they would ensure that you receive a job in Canada. However, that is not under their control realistically as their main job is to assist with the application process. And you need a valid offer from a Canadian organization, and these consultants cannot guarantee that.

Unethical individuals

Of course, this is not universal to all, but some consultants do forget their basic laws to gain more money. They do so by charging more than they are allowed to and someone unaware of the rules believes them. This falls against their code of conduct and is not practiced by valid consultants.


Moreover, a Canada PR consultant is supposed to help you get all your paperwork in order. This ensures timely submission of the forms and a quicker immigration process. However, there are some who would knowingly postpone this timeline in order to extort more money from you.

Chance of fraudulent activity

Without a doubt, this fear is valid and, in most cases, a more likely negative outcome of hiring a consultant. Certainly, their work is to help you pass the selection process and get a better rank in the CRS Points Calculator. Most of the consultants you would meet are genuine, but there are some fake companies too.


Their entire motive is to impersonate as a consultancy and dupe people of their money. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell the difference and many people fall under the negative influence. Therefore, maintain caution when considering getting a consultant and only approach those who are ICCRC approved.

To summarize, while the immigration consultants are very helpful, there are some exceptions. Thus, check everything carefully and take the necessary measures to safeguard yourself from such possibilities.

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