How can a Canada immigration consultant overcharge you?

People feel that immigrating to Canada is a great opportunity and has to be utilized at an extent level. The simple reason is that if you immigrate thereby having a better Canadian job, then your life will be secured. As a result, you can call it an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. By mistake, also if you refuse this opportunity, then it is definite that you would curse yourself throughout life.

Now to have smooth immigration, people mostly hire the best immigration consultant and take their right advantages. When it comes to advantages, there is an ICCRC registered immigration consultant in India who can provide you with the right service. Not only Indians but even the foreigners hire them and give better feedback about their services.


But by chance, if you hire any unregistered immigration consultant, then you have to be aware of their services. This matter is raised because nowadays, these consultants are turning out fake and can easily overcharge you. The best thing that you can do is to know that how can a Canada immigration consultant overcharge you. After knowing them, half of the things would be easier for you, and there will be no such problems.

Here are the ways by which a Canada immigration consultant can easily overcharge you. Just go through them, and you can make a fair decision among yourself.

  • They will explain to you about unknown immigration schemes- The most important thing is that they will explain to you about some unknown immigration schemes which are beyond your expectations. It is not something that those schemes are not suitable or can land you up into unnecessary trouble. But an unknown scheme which you have never heard before is not at all good and for this thing they can overcharge you. The leading example of this thing is many immigration consultants in Delhi who overcharge their clients with some unknown schemes. Try not to fall into this trap and report about it at a nearby police station.
  • Include tax even if it is not allowed- Remember that an immigration consultant can only include tax if they are asked by the government to do so. It is illegal, and you have the right to report about it if you are seeing any kind of activities like this. But if you take this thing casually, then no one can stop you from being cheated by the consultants. Without any hesitation, just make a note of this point and mark it as a very important one.
  • Charges you for the visa application- Nowadays, most of these consultants have such cruel intentions that they also charge you for your visa application. This application is for free, and if you see that they are charging you for this, then just avoid them. In this case, you can also write online feedback and expose them publically. This way, other people would also know their intentions and think twice before hiring them.
  • Make you sign a wrong document- If you sign any documents without reading them, then the consultant will take your unnecessary advantage. Make sure that before signing any documents, you are reading them carefully and going through every section. By any chance, if you do not understand a single point, then ask it your consultant.
  • Charges you for provincial nomination programs- Like the visa application, a provincial nomination program is also free of cost. This is the program that allows you to immigrate to the best province in Canada. They are never allowed to charge for this program as it is against their rules and regulations.

Therefore, never be a victim of overcharging as it can land you up into major difficulties and troubles.

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