Essential Facts to Know about British Columbia PNP Tech Pilot

The British Columbia PNP one of the most emerging immigration programs for migrating to Canada. Through this easiest provincial immigration one can easily move to BC in a faster and simpler way. Also, the shortlisting does not include complex steps that you will unable to understand properly.

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For this reason, every year a countless number of immigrants are applying for this particular nomination procedure. The government welcomes skilful immigration applicants with an open arm to develop a sustainable technology industry inside this province.

Therefore, there is an increasing demand for eligible individuals that encourage people to settle down in this nation. In the following, you will able to learn about basic facts regarding this specific program to join the technology growth of this place actively.


What is the Eligibility Criteria to become a Tech Pilot?

Since 2018, Jun 26, applicants who come under a skilled immigration genre enable to become a tech pilot. Additionally, that candidate should be working in a suitable technological occupation that requires for this program. Also, you can discuss with your immigration consultant in India to learn more details regarding this operation.


However, a job prospect is valid for this particular program if it has a minimum of 12 months in length. Furthermore, your offer must have 4 months remaining at the moment you are applying for the provincial program. First, you need to inquire about your employer in BC to ensure the validation of the career prospect.

Priority Processing

Similar to almost every selection process the Tech Pilot also involves priority oriented screening operation. Authority prioritizes those applications first that comes under the 29 tech occupations include in this particular project. First, you need to prepare an application accordingly to take part in this conventional procedure.


To ensure the approval for your application you may take advice from a professional immigration consultant in India. Then, you can identify the exact scheme along with a proper understanding of norms includes in this specific program. Also, you will able to realize which information you need to provide for this certain classified process.

Once authority receives your request, they start their verification process within a business day. A team professional Tech Pilots generally handle each appeal of random registrants to scrutinize their background. Mostly, this distinct procedure requires a shorter period than the normal bc provincial nominee program.


Weekly Invitations

Through issuing weekly invitations the governing body completes the British Columbia PNP tech pilot program. Candidates having a suitable and valid job in hand that belongs to 29 key tech jobs list. Thus, the regulating organization is shortlisting such registrants who meet this specific mandatory criterion properly.


Fortunately, the registration process is entirely free of cost that does not take much of your time. So, in this way you need to provide useful information about yourself as well as the company you are working in. Besides, you must be aware that a B.C. employer should be eligible to provide an authentic job responsibility.

To know about these facts you can consult with your immigration consultant in India. A registered expert can clarify your doubts and prevent unnecessary mistakes that lead to failure. After the proper inquiry of your profile, you will obtain the invitation to apply.


An individual who is going to participate in this specific selection should read this article at least once. This will improve your knowledge regarding this particular topic and provide guidance effectively. Also, you can gain the necessary of appointing an assistant to execute the operation suitably.

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