Complexities you may face while appointing a Consultant Canada Immigration

Countless Indian Immigrants move to a foreign country to establish a higher quality lifestyle there. So, they prefer to hire Canada immigration consultants in India to avoid misconceptions during the relocation process. Expressly, the ICCRC certifies individual consulting agents to provide necessary help to skillful migrants by providing face-to-face consultations.

Often, people are complaining about those experts after facing unfortunate rejection of their application. Some surveys show a variety of complaints after recording feedback of applicants over the past few years. From the following list, an individual might notice multiple common objections from several migrants.

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Don’t Maintain Communication.

Topnotch consulting firms handle numerous clients every day by arranging meetings, making phone calls, and so on. Further, they deal with different cases to deliver appropriate suggestions that create a positive impact on it. Sometimes people are launching complaints against a consultant Canada immigration due to various reasons.


Agents encourage customers to try again via Express Entry or PNPs after getting a negative result in the first attempt. Transparency between a client and an advisor is an essential factor in acquiring success during the relocation procedure.

Changes in Regulation

From an overview, a process of migration comprises multiple rules to manage documents of candidates correctly. Regardless to mention, the IRCC updates its policies every year to prevent fraud or corruption. Thereby, people are facing lots of challenges to learn about those regulations without an expert guide.


For this reason, numerous participants communicate with Canada immigration consultants in India to eliminate any future obstacles. However, due to sudden changes in rules, an agency has to changes its entire system. So, often, it takes a lot of time that causes an unnecessary delay of applicants.

Prolonged Process Time

Do you aware of multiple migration techniques? Well, there is a variety of visa system available to relocate in a Canadian province. In some regions, those migration processes are very fast, while in some places, it takes too much time. So, a large group of immigrants should carry out the relocation process in a time-consuming step-by-step format. However, the regulations of the IRCC authority are overall equal for everybody.


Nonetheless, applicants do not like to wait for an extended period to immigrate to their dream destination. So, they complain continuously against a consultant Canada immigration without knowing the exact reasons for the delay.

Understand Clients

To deal with the tricky process of relocation, a consulting agent needs to manipulate lots of crucial documents of his client. Furthermore, the preparation time should be enough to check every detail precisely before a case study. Thus, the minimum time is mandatory to get a desirable result at the end of the operation.


Without understanding these technical processes, candidates place common complaints against their Canada immigration consultants in India. Specifically, the decision-making is not an effortless task for any professional in most complex situations. Therefore, a participant should allow an agent to carry out procedures without any interruption.

Excessive Fee

Usually, certified migration experts do not take unnecessary charges from their customers without any reason. They bound to maintain an affordable fee as per the guidelines of the ICCRC organization. Therefore, if you’re facing this problem, then verify the cause at first. Afterward, when you confirm an agency’s unethical activities, then file a complaint against them.


Otherwise, you may explore the internet to find other options available nearby to save a significant amount of money. After attending multiple consultations, you should make a final decision.

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